Temporary work

Temporary work is currently the quickest and most effective service which enables employers to quickly get unqualified staff or medium-level specialists, without needing to increase the level of employment at their companies.

For who?

Temporary work services are used by both small local companies, and the largest corporations.

This is a perfect solution for seasonal work, promotional campaigns, one-off undertakings, but it also works well in cases of permanent employment.


Because this is a service that provides the most flexibilityand adjusts to the needs of employers.

After analysing the Client’s needs we will recruit and employ the proper personnel and prepare them to work in compliance with the binding regulations of the law and the Client's requirements.

We stay in touch with the Client at every stage of cooperation, thanks to which we can quickly react to their current personnel demands.

While we comprehensively deal with all the matters connected with searching for and hiring an employee, also taking care of the salaries and settlements, the employer can focus on the basic operations of its company.

What do you get by using the temporary work services?
  • quick recruitment of personnel
  • release of all formalities connected with hiring an employee and settlements
  • a flexible work system adjusted to the current needs
  • various convenient forms of employment
  • possibility of testing many solutions without the need of engaging one’s own resources

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